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Have you communicated your website address offline?

  • All offline correspondence (letters, business cards, faxes, invoices, emails, store fronts must have www. address included)
  • Advise all your customers (email/snail mail) about your new or improved website so they visit it.
  • Promote the efficiency improvements ie; up to date information (eg: price lists), email correspondence to the person they really need to communicate with (ensure there is a contact email!)

Is your website updated regularly?

  • Ensure that the information on your website is correct and current - or people won't see it as a reliable way of finding out information.
  • Ensure specials/new products or services that you offer entice people to either buy or find out more?
  • The Front page is the most commonly seen page - so change it with specials, industry news, upcoming events etc to keep it interesting for your customers so they keep coming back.

Is your website available on other peoples websites?

  • Find websites that have a 'connection' with your websites industry - ask for affiliation, people can then 'click through' from their websites to yours.
  • Ensure that all search engines/relevant directories have your website.
  • Listed and are reviewed to help people find your website in the relevant searches.

Is your website easy to use?

  • People need to easily find what they are looking for (measure click throughs), customer queries, do an online survey, or mock sample trial).
  • Too many clicks and people will leave your site-frustrated.
  • Search facility is vital as many people look for information this way.
  • Logical Menu categorisation is important.

Is your brand image reproduced online?

  • Consistency of the way your brand is promoted is as important online as it is offline.
  • The image you have is vital; don't make it look cheap if you are projecting yourself as a high quality brand (colours, text, info, offers, quality of website must all be checked thoroughly).

What is your website used for?

  • Your industry and your customers needs will dictate what sort of website you have.
  • If you are a retailer your customers would expect to be able to purchase online with many payment methods, if you are a council, residents would expect information on all the councils services and up-to-date issues.
  • Some websites are purely information - this is fine if that's what you are all about.
  • Check that these needs are being met or they will go elsewhere!

Is your website address easy to guess?

  • Register your brand/company name immediately.
  • Do not change your company name unless it is taken, people will try to type in your company/brand as the web address so do not be tempted to shorten it.

Do you have an easy to find information section on your website?

  • Ensure all company contact details, addresses, phone, fax numbers, peoples names, email addresses, administration information are all included.
  • Other information that can be useful is company information, media releases, FAQ's, handy tips etc.
  • Don't forget a "helpdesk" for people's queries.

Do your links work?

  • Make sure that you have lots of links (that click through properly) to other related products/services on your site, so that customers can find what they are looking for.
  • Email client contact addresses as a useful selling tool to promote other specials/products on other pages.

Do you send your customers electronic newsletters?

  • Keeping in touch with your customers is the only way to get repeat sales.
  • Llet them know what you are doing, special prices/offers, upcoming events, industry news, handy tips etc.
  • It is cheap (under 2c compared to snail mail) and it is current, no brochure printing costs.
  • Customers will think you are on the ball and you will get a response if the newsletter has relevance.
  • Make sure you give your customers the opportunity to also not receive your newsletter as some will not want it - and take them off the list!

Are all emails answered in 24-48 hours?

  • If you have a contact email - ensure that all queries go to the right person who is able to respond.
  • People will get disillusioned with you if you don't reply to them promptly.
  • Confirmation of order emails with customers information and receipt is compulsory if you are transacting online.


These are just a sample of some of the marketing points that "re:market'able" can help you with in maximising your website as a communication and/or selling tool.



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